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Founded 1987Serving the Interests of Lawyers Dedicated to Government Service

Members and History

The GBA Directory

Please feel free to view our FY 2015 Directory.  It may not contain some late registrations received after December 1, 2014.  The FY 2016 Directory is expected to be posted in December of 2015.

GBA FY2015 Directory

History of the Government Bar Association

In October 1987, a small group of Illinois government attorneys began meeting to discuss the formation of an organization that would be dedicated to the advancement of the professional interests of attorneys in or involved with state, federal or local government practices.  From these meetings, the Illinois Government Bar Association evolved.

The Government Bar Association's goal was to provide an independent bar that would be dedicated to the professional enhancement and development of government attorneys.  The GBA hoped to accomplish this goal through continuing education, newsletters, luncheons, networking, both professionally and socially, and through the awarding of scholarships to law students at Illinois law schools.
In 2013, there were over 120 members and the GBA has awarded scholarships for the past 7 years.  The membership has expanded to include not only attorneys who work directly for a government entity, but also attorneys in private practice who deal with government issues as part of their practice.  This diverse group of attorneys provides the unique perspective to address issues and provide leadership to our respective agencies and community.

 Board Members
  • Hon. Rex Gradeless, President, Illinois Department of Employment Security
  • Jason Brokaw, Vice President, Giffin, Winning, Cohen & Bodewes
  • Hon. Nicole Roth, Secretary, Illinois Commerce Commission
  • Cynthia Lamar, Treasurer, Department of Healthcare and Family Services

  • Lindsay Bentivegna, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Dan Coultas, Illinois Attorney General's Office
  • Christopher Foy, Illinois Attorney General's Office
  • Joanna Gunderson, Executive  Inspector General, Illinois Comptroller
  • Robert Osgood, Illinois Department of Central Management Services
  • Laura Vaught, Illinois Department of Public Health
Immediate Past President
  • Joann Gunderson, Executive Inspector General, Illinois Comptroller
Past Presidents of the GBA

 George Tinkham
 Stephen Rotello
 Marc Loro
 Robert John Kane
 Carolyn Grosboll
 Lynn Patton
 Edward J. Schoenbaum
 John Pavlou
 Nora Crandall
 Stephen Wilson
 George Tinkham
 Arden Lang
 Keleigh Biggins
 Heidi Scott
 Edward J. Schoenbaum
 Robert Patino
 Frank Martinez
 Mike Delcomyn
 Joe McMenamin
 Joanna Gunderson
 Rex Gradeless
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